What does the name Benaddictz ("ben-addicts") mean?

It’s a play on words for being an eggs benedict addict.

Using Brunch as a vehicle to introduce ethnic flavors, Benaddictz aims to celebrate similarities in cultural diversity. We value how different cuisines across the globe tend to resemble each other in taste and/or function. Founded in 2015 by Justin Foronda, his influences lie heavily on the accessibility of his native Los Angeleno palette in addition to a background as a professional Bboy.

An affinity to Pop Punk and Emo genres lend enthusiasm to our food events that sometimes lead to nostalgic sing-alongs, making this edgy dining experience truly Brunch AF. 


LA born and bred, Justin Foronda spends his days as a nurse and evenings/weekends as a chef.  He enjoys breaking, music, and if it wasn't obvious enough, Brunch.