What does the name Benaddictz ("ben-addicts") mean?

It’s a play on words for being an eggs benedict addict.

Using Brunch as a vehicle to introduce ethnic flavors, Benaddictz aims to celebrate similarities in cultural diversity. We value how different cuisines across the globe tend to resemble each other in taste and/or function. Founded in 2015 by Justin Foronda, his influences lie heavily on the accessibility of his native Los Angeleno palette in addition to a background as a professional Bboy.

An affinity to Pop Punk and Emo genres lend enthusiasm to our food events that sometimes lead to nostalgic sing-alongs, making this edgy dining experience truly Brunch AF. 

"I love the way the music can be very frank at times as songwriters help make intangible emotions tangible." 


LA born and bred, Justin Foronda spends his days as a nurse and evenings/weekends as a chef.  He enjoys breaking, music, and if it wasn't obvious enough, Brunch.